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Go to Commercial Property Valuation Tools

Commercial Property Valuation Tools

Do you need a quick evaluation on what a property is worth? Are you looking to buy or lease and you want to discover if the opportunity is a good deal or not?

Perhaps you wish to sell or lease a property you own and want to know what the competitive rate is in today’s marketplace? Use our tools to learn more.

Go to Commercial Property Acquisition Tools

Commercial Property Acquisition Tools

Are you a business owner or investor looking for new opportunities?

Use our acquisition tools to find the best opportunities to lease or purchase.

Use best practices to find your next location like a seasoned veteran.

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Commercial Property Sales and Marketing Tools

Have you struggled to sell or lease your property?

Put together a powerful marketing plan with our sales and leasing tools and maximize your success.

Find the best new prospects in new orchestrated ways, drive competition, and maximize your NOI.

Go to Lighthouse CRE Advisory Services

Lighthouse CRE Advisory Services

Are you facing commercial real estate challenges that seem to have no answer?

Get decades of experience and massive experiential value focused on your specific needs.

Don’t let the CRE sea sink your ship, contact Lighthouse CRE today and reach your destination safely.

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Your ally for intense negotiations. Your scout for finding prospects.

As an entrepreneur and business leader, your commercial real estate is vital to your success. Failure in this decision making is not an option. If you are solely tasked with commercial real estate decisions at your business, it can be easy to feel all alone at times. Sometimes the waters are calm and smooth sailing. At other times, you may feel desperate to make it through the current storm you are in. No matter where you are, or what your challenge, Lighthouse is here for you. We have the commercial real estate navigation tools you need to achieve success. Contact Lighthouse today to discuss CRE market conditions and learn about new developments not yet public in the marketplace. Call us to ask us anything related to commercial real estate: - How to search for space properly (yes, there is a wrong way to do it) - How to plan all the important details of your move if you are a tenant - How to propose letters of intent for both purchase and lease scenarios, we help Sellers, Buyers, Landlords, and Tenants - How to negotiate everything properly. This step alone could cost you many thousands of dollars if done poorly. Leveraging our expertise could save or make you thousands. - How to effectively make points and counterpoints throughout the highly complex commercial lease and purchase documents. Many of these documents are dozens of pages long and they have been fine-tuned through many years by some of the brightest minds in the business. There is an adage that it is not what you don’t know that can hurt you. It’s what you don’t know you don’t know that really does. That statement holds tremendous truth in commercial real estate. Far too often it is the hidden dangers, just over the horizon, that can sink you. Your hopes and dreams as a business owner deserve to find safe harbor. You deserve to reach your port. With Lighthouse just a call away, you can be confident you will reach your destination safely.

  • Find the best location, negotiate the best deal, and keep your business running smoothly

  • Locate off-market deals, find the best property for development, investment, or business ownership

  • Price your property correctly, gather the most interest, get the best price, and close as quickly as possible

  • Compete effectively in the marketplace, generate prospects, negotiate the best lease terms, and maximize your cashflow


We are the people who are passionate about your success

David Haug

President/Managing Broker
David’s passion for entrepreneurship and business is contagious. He is driven to see fellow entrepreneurs succeed and would love to help you achieve your goals.

Catherine Barrance

Executive Support/Marketing & Communications
Catherine plays a crucial role in the management of marketing and communications for Lighthouse CRE.

Rachel Rasmussen

Special Projects Coordinator
Rachel works on special projects and coordinates support for the administration and marketing at Lighthouse CRE.


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