About Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate

Welcome, Captain.

You are likely here because you are a business owner or an executive in charge of your company’s commercial real estate decision making.  We like to consider you a “Captain of Industry.”

That may sound a little cliche, but we love that visual depiction so much, we just have to use it.  You see, you may be a Retail Captain sailing a small pleasure boat offering great entertainment value to your customers along the way.  Or, you may be an Industrial Captain commanding an ocean cargo vessel through difficult storm waters, delivering great quantities of manufactured goods.

We work with a wide variety of Captains of Industry and we are passionate about every single one of you reaching your destination.  We want to “Be There” for you as you make your way through both calm waters and tempest seas.  No matter your situation, no matter your current needs, as a Lighthouse provides clear guidance to sea captains, we are here for you and your commercial real estate needs.

No matter where you are or where you are going, look to our light for your guidance.  Just as a lighthouse is built on a firm foundation, so are we.  Just as a lighthouse is placed strategically to guide ships from port to port, we are hear to guide you through the very complex business of commercial real estate. Just as a Sea captain looks towards the lighthouse for safe harbor, our clients look to us for security in negotiating leases, purchases, and sales of commercial real estate.

You know how valuable your business is to you.  You know how important your business is to your employees. You know how much your customers depend on you and your business products and services. You know you should only work with someone who understands all of those human needs too.

We are here for you Captain. Our light is signaling for your success.

Areas of Expertise:

Principals at Lighthouse CRE bring decades of entrepreneurial and commercial real estate experience to your team.  In fact, we enjoy solving all kinds of business problems (even those outside of CRE) and identifying the opportunities they create. While we have tremendous expertise in commercial real estate sales and leasing, we really enjoy getting to know your overall needs and seeing the big picture with you. If you need to unlock creative solutions for your business needs outside of CRE we can help you do that too.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Specific Segments:
(Well over $100 million in lease and sales transactions in the below categories)

Lighthouse CRE Serves Local, Regional, and National Clients

  • Retail – Inline, Power, Big Box, Jr Box, Strip, Neighborhood, Bars, Restaurants, Live Music, Freestanding, C-Stores/Gas
  • Office – Executive Suites, Branch Locations, Headquarters, State and Government Leasing, Educational
  • Industrial – Manufacturing, Warehouse, Distribution
  • Investment Property – Sale/Leasebacks, NNN Investments
  • Apartments – MUH, Multifamily, Senior Care Facilities, Memory Care
  • Medical – Clinics, Eye Care, Dental, Physical Therapy, Fitness
  • Special Use – Churchs, Animal Related, Mixed Use
  • Ground Leases
  • Vacant Land Sales

To learn more about how we think and what drives us, please read the selected posts below. We are here for you and we look forward to helping you navigate all of your commercial real estate needs.

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