Is apartment construction the next BUBBLE?

Madison, WI is building apartments at break neck speed.  Everywhere you go there seem to be cranes in the air.  Cranes here.  Cranes there.  Cranes everywhere!  Of course the indomitable EPIC with their thousands of employees and plans for continued hyper growth has cranes scattered across their campus as well. Whenever something seems to be […]

Is your business b l o a t e d? “Get Lean” and find success.

After reading “The Lean Startup” by Eric Reis ( I realized just how many “regular” company business owners could use these same philosophies to transform their businesses for greater success.  I recently came across this article on the subject here, and I highly recommend you read it for your own benefit as a business leader. […]



Do you Talk the Walk?

As a business leader, you need to decide how to spend your valuable time.  After all, you wouldn’t have employees if you could do everything yourself.  So how do you operate as a business leader?  Do you “Talk the Walk,” or do you micromanage and drive everyone who works for you crazy?  Use the power […]

5 Tips for Finding Your Ideal Location to Lease or Buy

Finding a new home for your business is an exciting process. But determining a major aspect of your business (it’s location) over an extended period of time is not something to be taken lightly. Use the following 5 tips to ensure that you find the perfect option. 1. Drive the Market While getting a sense […]

Lease or Buy?

With every decision in life, it’s easy to stick to what’s familiar or to follow conventional wisdom as if one size always fits all.  But important decisions, such as whether to lease or buy a commercial property, require a higher level of discernment.  Which option is best for you?  The answer might surprise you. Start […]


Commercial Lease Timeline

Timeline for Leasing Commercial Space

If you’re in the market to sign a new commercial lease, having appropriate expectations for your timeline can be the difference between stumbling before you start and long-term success. Week 1 Make a list of your real estate requirements.  Meet with decision makers within your own company to develop a vision for your new space […]

Is Hiring A Real Estate Agent Worth It? 1

If you’ve ever bought, sold, or leased real estate, you’ve probably asked yourself this question.   When we spend thousands of dollars on a service, we want to be confident that we’re getting what we paid for, no matter what the service is.  And in real estate, so much goes on behind the scenes that it […]