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Master the Commercial Construction Process

What are the Key Steps in the Commercial Construction Process? Are you a business owner or developer looking to hire a commercial construction company? This month, we turn to commercial construction expert Scott Treuhl to offer insights into this sometimes challenging process. As commercial brokers we have seen plenty of budget and planning disasters in Read more about Master the Commercial Construction Process[…]

CRE Expert John Seamon

CRE Expert — The Municipal Approval Process

Every month we feature a CRE Expert who answers some questions about topics related to commercial real estate. This month CRE Expert John Seamon, director of design strategy at Iconica, discusses the municipal approval process. To receive more information on CRE Advisory Services, please connect with Lighthouse CRE. CRE Expert John Seamon Discusses the Municipal Approval Read more about CRE Expert — The Municipal Approval Process[…]

Submitting Plans

Planning an Office Move: Submitting Plans to Your Landlord

You’ve now made it to Week 9 in the process of moving your office. Phew! It’s been a lot of hard work so far — and there’s more hard work ahead. But for now, we’ll concentrate on Week 9. This is the week you should submit your tenant improvement plans to your landlord. By this Read more about Planning an Office Move: Submitting Plans to Your Landlord[…]

Letter of Intent

Master your commercial real estate negotiations with a Letter of Intent

Winning Negotiations with a Letter of Intent (LOI) Once you have toured various properties and narrowed your search down a bit, it is time to make some proposals on the lease of space for your business.  In commercial real estate, we typically refer to these proposals as a Letter of Intent, or LOI, for short. Read more about Master your commercial real estate negotiations with a Letter of Intent[…]

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Find Commercial Property Like a Pro!

Find Retail, Office, and Industrial Property Like a Pro At first glance, it may seem like finding commercial space is simple.  You hop in your car and start driving around.  You look for signs, you start calling, and you see what you can find out.  It may seem simple enough, but eventually you will realize that Read more about Find Commercial Property Like a Pro![…]

That Lease is Gross!

Negotiating a great commercial lease in Madison, WI has plenty of challenges. Finding great office, retail or industrial space isn’t always easy given your business’s unique requirements and demands.  But finding the right location is just the start.  Negotiation is the key component to getting a great deal in commercial real estate. So with that Read more about That Lease is Gross![…]