Today is the Best Day of Your Life

Today is the best day of your life I will get to why today is the best day of your life in a moment.  But first I have some questions. How many times a day do you find yourself saying to someone, “How’s it going?” How many times does someone say this to you? Perhaps Read more about Today is the Best Day of Your Life[…]

Would You Like Your Very Own Business Launching Pad?

Synergy Coworking is a social business that provides flexible workspace, including private offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and DIY event space. We foster a diverse and professional environment and community of growth and collaboration through the exchange of knowledge, expertise, ideas, resources, and tools. We also facilitate strategic connections and provide coaching and guidance for utilizing Read more about Would You Like Your Very Own Business Launching Pad?[…]

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

As we wrap up 2016 and plan for 2017, I’ve always found the holidays a perfect time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. Our families, our friends, our volunteer efforts, and business successes all provide fuel for our souls throughout the year. A wise person once shared with me that the secret Read more about Unleash Your Inner Warrior[…]

CRE Expert – Organizational Leadership

Every month we feature an industry expert who answers some questions about topics related to commercial real estate. This month Walter Jankowski, Reinvention Consultant for Better Dash Faster Consulting,  offers some great insights into making 2017 your best year yet.   Now is the time to plan for your best year yet in 2017 Do Read more about CRE Expert – Organizational Leadership[…]

Navigating Business and Life

Navigating Business and Life

I’ve always had a fascination with Lighthouses. I think it started when I was a young boy sailing through the Apostle Islands National Park with about 7 other young boys and 1 certified Coast Guard captain. We had an entire week to explore 21 islands from Madeline to Sand to Raspberry. Our little sailboat was Read more about Navigating Business and Life[…]

Lucille Restaurant

CRE Focus – Lucille Restaurant

We were standing on the cold concrete floor in a nondescript warehouse building on the near east side of Madison.  On that cold winter day, which feels like ages ago, we were discussing the potential of a wide open former paint storage building.  The space was a 10,000 square-foot single story brick building with a Read more about CRE Focus – Lucille Restaurant[…]

17 Ways Successful People Approach Life

I stumbled across this Slide Share deck and it really hit a chord with me.  As an entrepreneur I have had to utilize every single one of these in my life and career.  #10 is my favorite for when times get tough or something goes wrong.  You know those days when you feel a bit Read more about 17 Ways Successful People Approach Life[…]

Is your business b l o a t e d? “Get Lean” and find success.

After reading “The Lean Startup” by Eric Reis ( I realized just how many “regular” company business owners could use these same philosophies to transform their businesses for greater success.  I recently came across this article on the subject here, and I highly recommend you read it for your own benefit as a business leader. Read more about Is your business b l o a t e d? “Get Lean” and find success.[…]

Do you Talk the Walk?

As a business leader, you need to decide how to spend your valuable time.  After all, you wouldn’t have employees if you could do everything yourself.  So how do you operate as a business leader?  Do you “Talk the Walk,” or do you micromanage and drive everyone who works for you crazy?  Use the power Read more about Do you Talk the Walk?[…]