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Use Our Guides and Learn Best Practices to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

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Understand Commercial Real Estate Terms and Definitions

Let's face it, CRE terms can be difficult to understand. You no longer have to feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the typical terms used in the industry. You can set yourself up for success by understanding the most common terms used. From there, you will you be prepared to negotiate the best deals.

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Find Space for Your Business

Explore our resource guides designed to help you locate the perfect space for your business. Whether you plan to lease or purchase, these guides are designed to help you each step of the way.

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Lease and Sell Your Commercial Property

This resource section discusses the best techniques to use to find great tenants for your properties so you can maximize your cash flow. In addition, we'll share best practices to getting your properties sold at the highest prices possible on the terms you desire.

Learn How To

Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Discover how to find foreclosures, REOs, bank owned, and off market properties so you can make money when you purchase. Learn how to make the right improvements, increase cash flow, build equity and expand your portfolio.

Join our community and gain access to expert guides and resources. Follow our blog for up to date insights into today's current market conditions.

Depending on your specific commercial real estate goals, we can guide you each step of your way. Building on the foundation we establish with our expert consultation, we can ensure you head in the right direction, and we can keep you on track, all the way to your destination.

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Request Your Custom Commercial Real Estate Consultation

Your needs are unique to you. No matter where you are and where you want to go, getting a custom consultation from a Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate Broker is the perfect place to start.

We've analyzed thousands of deals, in nearly every commercial real estate segment, and successfully completed hundreds of deals for clients.

Imagine the deep insights you will receive from such a wide expanse of knowledge and expertise.

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Research and Select the Perfect Commercial Real Estate Broker for Your Project

Every commercial real estate transaction is unique. No two deals are ever the same. And that's true with commercial real estate brokers too. No two brokers are the same, and the very best brokers are highly specialized professionals.

The best commercial real estate brokers specialize in a specific area of real estate such as retail, office, or industrial. There are specific segments in each of these categories as well, such as restaurant/bar specialists or shopping center specialists in retail, as an example. Office brokers and industrial brokers also have areas of specialization. Furthermore, many brokers focus on very small geographic areas or specific clients.

With so many different areas of expertise, it is critical that you find a broker perfectly aligned with your objectives and not their own objectives.

At Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate, we work with over 550 commercial real estate broker specialists in Southern Wisconsin alone, and we can find the perfect match for you.

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We Are Passionate About Helping You Achieve Your Commercial Real Estate Goals

For over 15 years we have put our client's best interests before everyone else's, including our own. You are best served with a passionate advocate, fully devoted to your hopes and dreams.

Just as Lighthouses have guided captains of the sea for thousands of years, we are equally devoted to guiding you in your commercial real estate endeavors.

The truth is, there really are monsters at sea and pirates eager to board your vessel. In commercial real estate, these types of characters tend to show up as dishonest brokers, conniving business owners and property owners, or incompetent industry insiders.

The good news is, there are plenty of great commercial real estate pros and we know who the best practitioners are. We track performance and reputations. We can use our nearly 15 years of active brokerage experience to help you avoid the many pitfalls that exist in commercial real estate.


Discover How We Can Make A Difference With Your Company

Our devotion is to truly understand your current situation. From that starting point, we then want to deeply understand where you are trying to go.

We've analyzed thousands of commercial real estate deals and successfully completed hundreds. Use our deep experience in nearly every commercial real estate segment to maximize the success you desire for your own specific project.


We Are Committed To Long Term Relationships And Repeat Clients And Customers

Testimonials are publicly available on LinkedIn:

Beth Prochaska Commercial Architect

President / CEO Potter Lawson Inc.

As business professionals, we have to be careful about who we recommend, and David is someone I recommend without hesitation. In an extremely competitive market, he works tirelessely to help his clients get the best value possible. He's knowledgeable, hardworking and has impeccable integrity. If you're looking for a broker who truly has your best interests at heart, I encourage you to call Dave.

Carole Schaeffer Commercial Construction

VP Business Development, Miron Construction

David has always impressed me with his tenacity, sincerity, and hard work. He has the ability to see the big picture while making sure to take care of the details necessary to bring a deal to fruition. You can be confident when working with David that he will go the distance.

Barry Richter Commercial Insurance

President /Principal, Hausmann Johnson Insurance

David is a positive force in commercial real estate. He is very knowledgable, works extremely hard and best of all, is an honest person.

Tim Lightner Commercial Moving Company

Owner, Two Men and a Truck

I've had the pleasure of knowing David for several years now. He is a hard working, thoughtful and caring individual who has the ability to get people connected. I've personally watched David put the needs of others before his own. I would not hesitate to recommend David for his high degree of integrity, trustworthiness and vision.

Lance Ratze Cafe Owner

Owner, Yola's Cafe

High integrity, passion, and out of the box creativity are the attributes that David Haug brings to the real estate table. When confronting the rigors of commercial real estate transactions, you want someone on your side of the transaction that is zealously committed to your needs. Success can be readily observed with David, because he is still standing in a market that many others are struggling in. Not only is he still standing, he is on the upward ladder.

Rachel Bauer Hospitality Industry


David’s leading ability to bring people and spaces together far exceeds his client’s expectations. With a keen intuition and fine-tuned attention to his customers’ needs and desires, David employs an edge for detail and diplomacy that brings deals together and results in satisfaction for all parties. David is ridiculously responsive, dependable and dedicated to service. It is a pleasure to know that when I recommend David to friends and business associates they will not only be in the most capable hands possible, they will certainly be pleased with the outcome.

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