17 Ways Successful People Approach Life

I stumbled across this Slide Share deck and it really hit a chord with me.  As an entrepreneur I have had to utilize every single one of these in my life and career.  #10 is my favorite for when times get tough or something goes wrong.  You know those days when you feel a bit like Maverick and Goose from Top Gun and you find yourself in a flat spin?  No matter what you do things seem to keep going wrong?  I immediately stop in those moments and think of #10.  I quickly regain the most important perspective in my life and I am back on my way fully recharged.

Number 13 is why I am sharing this with you today.  This really relates to how we do business at Lighthouse CRE.  As a boutique commercial brokerage firm we are not trying to have the most listings or close the most deals.  We are far more selective than that.  We seek out the best business owners we can and do everything in our power for their success.  Most importantly, we are constantly focused on our Client’s best interests.  Not our own.  Not someone else’s. Just our Clients.  A powerful force is unleashed in business when you truly use #13 and you do not expect something in return.  You just do it.  And it feels great.

Enjoy the slide show and have a great weekend.

About the Author

David Haug is a Madison, WI based real estate entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping clients, customers, and friends succeed in both commercial and residential real estate. He is also a raging Badger fan. #OnWisconsin Baby! Connect with David Haug on LinkedIn.