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At Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate we work with business owners and commercial property owners of all sizes and industries. Our broad and deep experience in retail, office, industrial, vacant land and investment properties is extensive. Each of these categories is even further differentiated with even narrower degrees of specialization.

No matter what your current commercial real estate goals are, we can leverage our extensive experience for you. Because we work with over 550 commercial real estate specialists, you can always rest assured that we can align your goals with the right commercial real estate broker for your specific needs.

Many commercial real estate brokers will pitch you on why you should hire them. They will utilize their best selling techniques on why you should choose them among a sea of brokers.

But we don't work that way.

Our top priority is to always listen to you first and to truly understand where you are currently.

Then, we seek to understand where you want to go.

Only after learning those two things about you do we put together the guidance you need to head on your way.

Just as Lighthouses have guided captains of industry for thousands of years on the open seas, we are here to guide you on your journey. Your journey is unique to you, and it is one of your most important priorities right now.

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Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate represented the principals of Lucille (restaurant and bar) in a multi-year search for the perfect restaurant/bar location. The former Isthmus Publishing office at the corner of King St and the Capitol Square in Madison, WI was the perfect location.

Lighthouse negotiated with one of the top commercial property owners in downtown Madison to lock in a long term lease in one of Madison's most vibrant locations.

McGrath Property Group

722 Williamson St

McGrath Property Group is one of the top mixed use developers in the Madison, WI area. Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate has assisted MPG on multiple occasions.
Recently, Lighthouse identified and negotiated a long term lease with Kahler Slater architects for one of McGrath's projects. In addition, Lighthouse negotiated a lease with I/O Bar, a gaming bar, to fill out the commercial component of the mixed use development.

Thorstad Chevrolet

Thorstad Chevrolet

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate represented Thorstad Chevrolet during the last market downturn. When no one was buying and everyone was trying to sell, Lighthouse was able to locate the perfect investor for a 13 acre property on one of Madison's major traffic corridors.

Subsequent to the sale, Lighthouse then represented the new owner and was able to successfully lease the majority of the property to the State of Wisconsin for their fleet services division.

Young Blood Beer Co. & Plain Spoke Cocktails

Young Blood and Plain Spoke

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate worked with principals of both Young Blood Beer Company and Plain Spoke Cocktails to locate and negotiate successful long term leases in one of Madison, WI's hottest bar and entertainment districts.

The new King Street location houses Young Blood Beer on the first floor and basement, where beer is both brewed and consumed. The second floor is a tasting room for Plain Spoke cocktails. Plain Spoke is distributed statewide with plans for further expansion. Be sure to check them out at your local grocery store!

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We Are Passionate About Helping You Achieve Your Commercial Real Estate Goals

For nearly 15 years we have put our client's best interests before everyone else's, including our own. You are best served with a passionate advocate, fully devoted to your hopes and dreams.

Just as Lighthouses have guided captains at sea for thousands of years, we are equally devoted to guiding you in your commercial real estate endeavors.

The truth is, there really are monsters at sea and pirates eager to board your vessel. In commercial real estate, these types of characters tend to show up as dishonest brokers, conniving business owners and property owners, and incompetent industry insiders.

The good news is, we know who the best practitioners are. We track performance and reputations. We can use our nearly 15 years of active brokerage experience to help you avoid the many pitfalls that exist in commercial real estate.


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2. We then put together a specific plan to guide you on your own unique commercial real estate journey.

3. We match you with the perfect team, including the right commercial broker for your needs.

We've used this process to guide countless business owners, entrepreneurs, and commercial property owners.

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