April 27, 2017

Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate

Prepare yourself with tools to buy or lease commercial real estate

You are a captain of your industry, but do you know how to buy or lease commercial real estate?  You want to be the very best and achieve the most success, right?  Would you set off on a journey across the big blue sea without reviewing your checklist several times to make sure you have all you need before you left port?  Of course not, once you set sail and head on your way, there’s no turning back!  You either prepared or you didn’t. Use our tools for buying and leasing commercial real estate.

Our commercial real estate navigation tools will help you navigate the #CRE sea.  It’s a little different than the big blue sea, but the risks are the same.  Why would you jeopardize your business, your investors, or your personal success by taking this journey all alone and unprepared?

Just because you can hop in a car and start driving around calling on signs for lease or buildings for sale, it doesn’t mean that is the proper way to pursue your hopes and dreams in commercial real estate.  In fact, doing that could jeopardize your success and set yourself up for failure. We cover many of these pitfalls in our blog posts and other helpful musings.

It can be perilous to Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate

Here is the thing though… If a commercial lease can be dozens of pages long, filled with all kinds of jeopardy, wouldn’t the same hold true during other parts of your journey?  What if you find your perfect space for your business on your own only to find out, after you sign your lease, that a major road will be under repair, or the entire center will go through a remodel, or a competitor, with a better position and access, is opening right after you across the street?

There are a tremendous number of factors that influence your success and failure in commercial real estate.  Whether you are looking to lease or purchase commercial real estate, you can count on Lighthouse CRE to provide you with the checklists and tools you need to succeed.

Contact Lighthouse CRE today and request your free Lease Timeline Checklist or your Investor Acquisition Toolkit.

Commercial Lease Timeline Commercial Lease Timeline Checklist

Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate with Confidence

  • Get organizedutilize check lists that help you track all of the essential needs you have
  • Create a timeline and calendar to use to stay on track and manage expectations
  • Use a CRM or custom created spreadsheets to track your progress and remember who you have spoken to and when along this process
  • Determine your expert team – this may include contractors, architects, lenders, vendors, and others that will help you along the way.
  • Select a qualified broker to manage many of these responsibilities for you. Choose someone you communicate well with and trust. This can be a very intense experience depending on the negotiations you get into together.