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Green Project - Urban Infill Redevelopment

How to Make your Green Project a Bit Greener

Most people associate the word green with two things, the environment and money.  Let’s face it, we’ve been bombarded with the green = environment in nearly every advertisement and/or social media post that has anything to do with environmental issues.  However, when it comes to real estate development, environmental conditions are often associated with negative […]

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Free Commercial Land For Sale

Does “FREE Commercial Land for Sale” Mean the Land is Worthless?

Free Commercial Land For Sale! I bet just reading that FREE commercial land is for sale makes you cringe a little bit. After all, if something is free, by definition, it can’t be worth much. Right?  Well, in many cases that is probably true. Whether we are looking for deals on Amazon or rummaging through […]

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B Lux After

Master the Commercial Construction Process

What are the Key Steps in the Commercial Construction Process? Are you a business owner or developer looking to hire a commercial construction company? This month, we turn to commercial construction expert Scott Treuhl to offer insights into this sometimes challenging process. As commercial brokers we have seen plenty of budget and planning disasters in […]

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