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                  As Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investors look to find higher yields in tertiary markets, Madison, WI should be on the short list of locations to pursue. Why Madison, WI for commercial real estate investing? The state capital is anchored by the seat of government and this […]

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Business is BOOMING in Madison, WI

As I was perusing a recent article in In Business Magazine I was once again amazed at the size and influence that Epic has on Madison’s business community.  You would think the story has gotten old by now, but it absolutely has not.  Epic has annual sales in the range of $1.75 Billion dollars.  One of […]

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Is apartment construction the next BUBBLE?

Madison, WI is building apartments at break neck speed.  Everywhere you go there seem to be cranes in the air.  Cranes here.  Cranes there.  Cranes everywhere!  Of course the indomitable EPIC with their thousands of employees and plans for continued hyper growth has cranes scattered across their campus as well. Whenever something seems to be […]

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