April 27, 2017

Commercial Property Sales and Marketing Tools

Have you struggled to lease or sell your commercial real estate?

There are two rules in marketing commercial real estate.

  1. Get your marketing up.
  2. Get your marketing down.

Have you ever noticed some commercial listings seem to sit forever?  Maybe even yours? Some properties are very unique and they truly take time to move.  However, in most cases, commercial real estate sits vacant and unsold because there isn’t a marketing plan in place to lease or sell it.

The number one goal in leasing and selling commercial real estate is to create compelling and effective marketing.  You need to do much more than put a sign up.  Who are the first 15 people you will call? What market segments are ripe for use of your property? Which brokers specialize in your type of space? Where will your marketing be in addition to a sign out front? You have to be online, but where online?  Where are your prospects?  How do they search?  How will they find you?  How will you find them?

Marketing starts with asking these types of questions.  The goal in asking these questions is to put together a plan.  Your marketing plan should be designed just for your space and just for your goals.  The most important thing to do with this plan is to execute the plan.

And that leads to goal number 2, getting the marketing down.  The only way to get the marketing down is for you to get a deal done.  This means you have either leased or sold your property.  And that is your goal, right?

So when it comes time to get your property leased or sold, create a customized marketing plan designed to get your marketing up and get your marketing down.

Contact Lighthouse CRE today and get our CRE Lease Marketing Guide or our CRE Sales Marketing Guide.  You will receive the following:

  • A marketing plan generation tool
  • A checklist to ensure you know everything that needs to get done
  • An execution plan to put the marketing plan into action
  • A resource guide to cover details in the lease and sale process