Commercial Real Estate Terms & Definitions

Triple Net Lease (NNN), Letter of Intent (LOI), Sublease (subletting) What Do All of These Commercial Real Estate Terms Mean, and Why Should You Understand Them?

Because knowledge is power in commercial real estate.

If you are a Tenant, your Landlord has more information than you. They will win lease negotiations and sales negotiations against you because they know more. It really is that simple. You are a smart business owner and you are used to winning your business battles. So, don't sell yourself short by being overwhelmed with industry jargon that sets the table against you.

If you are a new commercial property owner, then it is definitely time to get a full and complete understanding of commercial real estate terms and definitions. A strong understanding of commercial real estate is essential to your long term success as a CRE property owner.

Sublease (subletting), Letter of Intent (LOI), Triple Net Lease (NNN), Rent Abatement, Modified Gross Lease, REO Meaning, Sublease Agreement, and Sublet Definition are some of the commercial real estate terms that can be hard to understand.

If you just read the above described terms and already feel a bit overwhelmed, you can relax, we will break down every single term and make it super easy to understand. This resource page is designed to be bookmarked and shared to make every Commercial Real Estate (CRE) term simple and easy to understand.

Explore this section of our website if you are a Business Owner (Tenant) or a new commercial property owner (Landlord) and you want to fully understand commercial real estate terms and definitions.

Master Your Knowledge

Understand terms like, NNN, Modified Gross Lease, Rent Abatement, REO, and so many more

Communicate Effectively

Learn how to use a Letter of Intent (LOI) to communicate exactly what you need to express in your transactions

Win More Negotiations

Use your newfound knowledge to fully succeed in your next negotiation. This could result in saving tens of thousands of dollars or more and is well worth your time.

Understand Triple Net Lease (NNN), Sublease, Subletting, Sublease Agreement, and other important Commercial Real Estate Terms

The following posts are all about the nuts and bolts of commercial real estate understanding. Here, you can learn about individual commercial real estate terms and definitions. It's a quick reference guide for industry jargon so you can be fully prepared for your next commercial lease or property purchase.

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David Haug

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David Haug is a Madison, WI based commercial real estate broker. A lifelong entrepreneur himself, David started his brokerage career in 2006. In 2010, David started Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate to provide specialized commercial real estate brokerage services for his clients.

Since June 23rd, 2010, David has ensured his services focus on "Client Focused Integrity. Always."

David believes that if he always focuses on his client's best interests, then everything else takes care of itself. Real estate transactions can be very challenging and filled with unforeseen obstacles. Having a clear vision and focus ensures that the transaction stays on track.

Speaking of clear visions and direction, David named his company Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate because he loves the symbolism that Lighthouse's provide. Lighthouses are always built on firm foundations. They provide clear direction to captains at sea, especially during storms and troubling times. Lighthouses of old were often staffed by families that ensured the beating light flashed consistently, 24 hours a day, day after day, always ready.

Other than the stars in the night sky, Lighthouses are the oldest and most trusted navigational aids on the waters of the world. This long history speaks to the endless commitment to the value of knowing what you stand for, always standing strong for those principles, being a trusted guide, and ensuring the safe arrival for those who seek you out.

This is the philosophy we stand by and we believe it is the best way to serve you at the highest level possible.

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