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How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Next Lease Negotiation

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Remember the Most Important Thing You Must Do.

Before you do anything else, grab your lease, look for those notice dates, and  put them into your calendar!


You should give yourself a minimum 2 week buffer before you must provide notice so that you can get a quick snapshot of the marketplace. This timely insight will help you decide whether you should plan to stay or move. Your decision will determine what type of notice you plan to provide your current landlord.

Remember, you should always conduct this full analysis. Even if you want to stay put, your current landlord doesn't need to know that. If you have real market leverage, you can use that to renew your lease at better rates and stay in the same space.

If your notice requirement to exercise your option to stay is less than 6 months, then disregard that for these scheduling purposes. Remember, if you do need to find new space you want the full 6 months to identify, negotiate, and build out that new space! So always give yourself at least 6 months warning. Your calendar will be your best friend as long as you put that date in your calendar now. 

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