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Every month, Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate features a lighthouse. These lighthouses have guided many a captain safely to port. These magnificent beacons and their operators are an important fabric of American industry and we simply love to share their stories.

Aransas Pass Light Station

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Aransas Pass Light Station

The Aransas Pass Light Station is tucked into a gap of the Texas coastline, between St. Joseph Island and Mustang Island. It was one of original Texas stations of the Lighthouse Service, which was formed in 1851, and became part of the U.S. Coast Guard in 1939.

The Lighthouse Service completed a 55-foot octagonal tower with a fourth-order Fresnel lens in early 1857. The service took the light offline during the Civil War and in 1862, Confederate soldiers set off two kegs of powder in an attempt to destroy it.

The lighthouse remained offline until spring 1867 — the last Texas light to return to service after the Civil War.

By the mid-20th century, Aransas Pass had shifted one mile south of the lighthouse. The U.S. Coast Guard established a new light in 1952 at the Port Aransas Coast Guard Station and deactivated the Aransas Pass Light Station. The Lydia Ann Channel was now the closest waterway to the beacon, so people started calling it the Lydia Ann Light.

In 1973, Charles Butt, president of the H-E-B grocery store chain, purchased the property. He then hired a caretaker and put the lighthouse back into service in 1988. It is the only lighthouse in Texas to have an on-site caretaker.

For more about the Aransas Pass Lighthouse, visit lighthousefriends.com.

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We are very passionate about lighthouses. With today’s technology and services such as GPS there isn’t the same need for actual lighthouses that there once was. Having said that, when times are most difficult and the stormy seas erupt, it is not uncommon for electronics and communications to be knocked out of commission. Even today, a captain in distress will seek out the lighthouse on shore for clear direction and safe harbor.

We love the lighthouse analogy for commercial real estate. Captains of industry, even with the most thought out plans and experience, can find themselves in troubled seas. Uncertainty in life can arrive at any occasion. Our mission at Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate is to be that clear beacon of hope and trust that you need when clear direction is needed most. Your business life may depend on the commercial real estate decisions you make.

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