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Every month, Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate features a lighthouse. These lighthouses have guided many a captain safely to port. These magnificent beacons and their operators are an important fabric of American industry and we simply love to share their stories.

Rock of Ages Lighthouse

The Rock of Ages Light, near Isle Royale, Michigan, overlooks Lake Superior. Rock of Ages sits on a small ridge of rock that juts up from the floor of Lake Superior.

The 117-foot tower was built in 1908, and a huge second-order Fresnel lens was installed in 1910. At 81.46 inches high, with a focal length of 27.6 inches, the lens weighed 3,530 pounds and had a range of 20 nautical miles. The Fresnel lens was replaced with a solar light in 1985 and is now on display at the Windigo Ranger Station at Isle Royale National Park.

The light was tended by keepers for 68 years, and because of the beacon’s remote location, the keepers typically only lived there for the duration of shipping season — from April to December.

For more information, check out the Rock of Ages Lighthouse Preservation Society, the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s website or this article that originally appeared in Great Laker magazine.

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We are very passionate about lighthouses. With today’s technology and services such as GPS there isn’t the same need for actual lighthouses that there once was. Having said that, when times are most difficult and the stormy seas erupt, it is not uncommon for electronics and communications to be knocked out of commission. Even today, a captain in distress will seek out the lighthouse on shore for clear direction and safe harbor.

We love the lighthouse analogy for commercial real estate. Captains of industry, even with the most thought out plans and experience, can find themselves in troubled seas. Uncertainty in life can arrive at any occasion. Our mission at Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate is to be that clear beacon of hope and trust that you need when clear direction is needed most. Your business life may depend on the commercial real estate decisions you make.

Read the Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate story here, and please join our community, Captain.

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