Did You Know: Rondout Creek Leading Light

The Rondout Creek Leading Light in Kingston, N.Y., was originally built in 1837 to mark the entrance of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, which was a major waterway for shipping coal from Pennsylvania and for travelers to New York City.

The current 48-foot yellow brick beacon (unofficially called the Rondout II Lighthouse) was built in 1915 and is only accessible by boat.

One of the notable pieces of the light’s history is that one of its keepers was a woman, Catherine Murdock, who served for 50 years (1857-1907) after her husband drowned while bringing supplies to the station. During her tenure, she also rescued several seamen and would entertain visitors who came daily during the summer to climb the tower.

For more about the Rondout Creek Leading Light, visit the Hudson River Maritime Museum website, the National Park Service website and lighthousefriends.com.


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