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Find Office Space Madison WI – Your Keys to Success

By  David Haug

find office space madison wi

Find Office Space Madison WIMadison, WI is a true gem of a city. Being the capital of Wisconsin, there is a strong concentration of growth between government and business. Madison, Wisconsin houses a variety of businesses making it very attractive to local firms, startups, state service providers, as well as national and international companies.

The University of Wisconsin at Madison is a world renown school and this attracts world class talent to the Madison WI area. Accordingly, business interests are diverse and cross various sectors such as Information Technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Insurance, and many other entrepreneurial business categories.

Due to business growth and expansion, it can be hard to find office space in Madison WI, at any given time.

Online Search is a Great Place to Start

If you were to do a quick Google Search, for “find office space madison wi” you will see quite a few online directories pop up that can help you. You should know that these fall into multiple categories. First, some of your search results will show national service providers. Second, others will show local or regional service providers. And lastly, some of the searches will show you actual office spaces for lease in Madison, WI.

Find Office Space Madison WI – National Listing Services

National listing services are just that, national companies. These providers will help you find office space in Madison WI, but they are not always up to date. You often have to pay a large membership fee to access all the details you seek. And believe it or not, some of these providers are part of the same umbrella company.

Use Commercial Databases to Search for Office Space

Examples include:,,,, and

Looking for listings online, on print or fliers can provide a considerable amount of help in your search for a commercial space for lease in Madison WI. Your percentage of success in finding the right office space that fits your needs is slim to start with, but you can narrow it down by starting online. This kind of approach takes time and resources you may not have. In this is your case, you may need to change your approach in search to find office space Madison WI.

In this kind of situation where time and efficiency are of the essence, a commercial real estate broker will provide the best help. Aside from finding the perfect location for your business, they can also help you negotiate the best possible lease for your business. If you need help in finding a great commercial real estate broker, feel free to reach out to Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate today. In the event you need to sell or lease your current office space, Lighthouse can help you there as well.

Choosing a Great Commercial Real Estate Broker

Below are some of the ways commercial real estate brokers can help you find great space.

A professional commercial real estate broker will:

  • Bring in search listings that are pre-filtered according to your search terms. Often times, these brokers will know a lot about the properties they are presenting.
  • Have a good understanding of personality and negotiation positions that commercial landlords have.
  • Help you understand the marketplace. Importantly, specialized brokers often know what’s going on before it happens. If new developments are on your radar, this is essential.

Find Office Space with Different Types of Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Let’s look briefly at the different types of commercial real estate brokers you can consider. You will likely want a Tenant Representative, or Tenant Rep, if you need to find office space Madison, WI.

  • Leasing Specialist – A leasing agent who represents the landlord. If you do not have an agent, this is the type of agent you will communicate with. Remember, this real estate agent will be working for the landlord and not you, so “buyer beware.”
  • Commercial Sales Specialist – These agents specialize in selling commercial real estate. If you have not hired an agent, this is the type of broker you will work with. This agent will be representing the seller, and not you.
  • Tenant Representative – This is the type of commercial real estate broker you will want to hire. If you need help in negotiating your commercial lease, hire a tenant rep. This agent will negotiate terms that are favorable for your business. In short, they can help you find office space Madison WI, and also help you negotiate a great deal on that space.
  • Buyer Agent – These are expert real estate brokers that help you purchase commercial real estate. If you need to buy a property for your business, this is the type of broker that you need.

Searching for office space can be an overwhelming task for many. You may be best served in hiring a great commercial real estate broker for your needs.

To sum it up, to find office space Madison WI you can use a variety of processes. To increase your speed and efficiency, and to negotiate the best deal, you should find the best Tenant Rep you can.

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