Is Madison, WI Ready for Micro-Apartments?

Is Madison, WI ready for micro-apartments?

Photo: Panoramic Interests

Photo: Panoramic Interests

We found an interesting article on micro-apartments on National Real Estate Investor today.  The apartments range in size from just 300 square feet to 500 SF and often times share amenities such as communal chef kitchens and roof top gardens.  With such a young and vibrant millennial and high tech demographic in Madison, these sure seem like a product category that could get some legs in this city.  Coffee shops like Colectivo embrace the idea of sharing tables with strangers, and we don’t think it is far behind that renters will embrace sharing kitchens and other amenities.  Best of all, if done right, it should make renting far more affordable for recent college grads and others that may not have Epic pay checks.

What are your thoughts?  Do you want to see micro-apartments come to Madison, WI?

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