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Did You Know: Five Finger Islands Light

 July 12, 2017

By  David Haug

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate

Every month, Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate features a lighthouse. These lighthouses have guided many a captain safely to port. These magnificent beacons and their operators are an important fabric of American industry and we simply love to share their stories.

Five Finger Islands LightFive Finger Islands Light

The Five Finger Islands Light resides in Frederick Sound, Alaska (the 49th state).

The first Five Finger Islands beacon cost $22,500 and was lit on March 1, 1902. The Sentinel Island Lighthouse in Lynn Canal, Alaska, also was lit the same day. However, construction of Sentinel Island was not completed until after the Five Finger Islands Light was finished, which made Five Finger Islands the first official lighthouse in Alaska.

The original structure at Five Finger Islands burned down in December 1933 when the lighthouse keepers tried to thaw some frozen pipes with blowtorches. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s public works program built a concrete, Art Deco-style tower on the site in 1935. This tower was practically fireproof.

The lighthouse was automated on Aug. 14, 1984, and was the last lighthouse in Alaska to do so.

For more information, see the Five Finger Lighthouse website or lighthousefriends.com.

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We are very passionate about lighthouses. With today’s technology and services such as GPS there isn’t the same need for actual lighthouses that there once was. Contact Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate when your commercial real estate seas get difficult to navigate. Even today, a captain in distress will seek out the lighthouse on shore for clear direction and safe harbor. You can too.

We love the lighthouse analogy for commercial real estate. Captains of industry, even with the most thought out plans and experience, can find themselves in troubled seas. Uncertainty in life can arrive at any occasion. We are your clear beacon of hope and trust when you need it most. Your business life will depend on the commercial real estate decisions you make.

Read the Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate story here, and please join our community, Captain.

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