Micro Apartments, an Exciting New Opportunity for Madison, WI?

Micro Apartments, is Madison, WI ready for them?

Micro Apartments

Micro Apartments are efficient and innovative. Are you ready for these in your city? Leave a comment below.

We found an interesting article on micro apartments on National Real Estate Investor.  The apartments range in size from just 300 square feet to 500 SF. Often times, Micro Apartments share amenities such as a communal chef, kitchens and roof top gardens.  With such a young and vibrant millennial and high tech demographic in Madison, these sure seem like a product category that could get some legs in this city.

Micro Apartments are Simple and Efficient

Micro Apartments are simple and efficient because common needs are often shared among other apartment owners. Think about it… Have you ever shared a table with a stranger? Coffee shops like Colectivo embrace the idea of sharing tables with strangers, and we don’t think it is far behind that renters will embrace sharing kitchens and other amenities.  Best of all, if done right, it should make renting far more affordable for recent college grads and others that may not have Epic pay checks.

Other shared amenities may include rooftop terraces, fitness centers, pools, and restaurants.

They May Be Small, But That Doesn’t Have to Mean Poorly Finished

Many of the new and exciting Micro Apartments often have great amenity packages. Think granite counter tops, breath taking views, high end appliances, and quality heating and cooling systems for all year comfort. Finally, the lower SF allows renters to save on total rent, while leaving a little extra to make the space unique to one’s own tastes.

Micro Apartment Communities Often Times Have Maximum Amenities

Let’s face it, cities like Madison, WI have some many amazing things to do ALL YEAR LONG! Think Farmer’s Markets, Live Concerts, Bars, Restaurants, Ironman, Badger Sports, and so much more. Why not live in a smaller, more efficient space, and maximize your time outside of your apartment? Living so close to so many great amenities, is sure to reward your soul, get you out and about, a fill your life with the zest of life.

So what do you think?  Do you want to see Micro Apartments come to Madison, WI?


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David Haug is a Madison WI commercial real estate agent. He is passionate about helping clients, customers, and friends succeed in commercial real estate. He is also a raging Badger fan. #OnWisconsin Baby! Connect with David on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidnhaug/

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Margaret Wolfe - April 28, 2019 Reply

I would love to se projects like this in Madison.

This is a wonderful idea and a way to provide more afforable housing to many. Not just recent grads but seniors, those working in non-profits (who usually don’t earn much), other lower-wage workers, single parents too. Many a single parent would settle for a small apartment that was affordable and safe, so they could pay down debt, save for their child’s future, etc.

If these buldings had common lounges, common exercise rooms, a children & toddler’s room, that would promote a sense of community and allow different generations to support each other. Retired seniors could help with childcare and tutoring and general life advice. Younger adults could assist other residents with tech support. A richer community for all.

There are “intentional communities” cooperatives and cohousing which work on this model, in Denmark, Germany, the United States, and other places. All make a commitment to shared spaces and some form of community building. What a great alternative to the social isolation of most suburban living.

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