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Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate Has Moved!

By  David Haug

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate Has Moved!

Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate Has Moved! We are still right here in Madison, WI.

Here at Lighthouse Commercial Real Estate, we have some exciting news: We’ve Moved!

But we haven’t gone far. We’ve joined the folks at Synergy Coworking, at the corner of Old Middleton Road and Whitney Way here in Madison.

For small teams of entrepreneurs, branch location/remote professionals, or solo entrepreneurs who might have previously worked alone in a home office or amid the hubbub of a coffee shop, sharing a coworking space has a multitude of benefits. It helps small-business owners connect and collaborate with each other on a regular basis and keeps them from feeling isolated and alone.

Coworking spaces also offer a quiet and professional space in which to meet and talk with clients, and renting a coworking space often is cheaper than renting your own office. All of these benefits have the additional effect of helping small businesses grow and expand.

If you want further reading, the Harvard Business Review has an interesting article about the benefits of coworking and the Synergy Coworking website has more information.

We’re really excited about this move, and it will help us serve you better with all your commercial real estate needs.

2017_04 Moving to Synergy Coworking

Stay tuned for announcements on upcoming seminars, teaching sessions, and other great programming that can help you and your business prosper.

Stop by anytime and say hello!  Lots of friendly faces are here to greet you!

David Haug

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