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Restaurant Trends of 2017

By  David Haug

Restaurant Trends of 2017

The restaurant scene is always changing. Eateries, food trends and design trends all come and go with regularity, so it’s fun to check in and see what’s trending at this moment. Are carbs in or out? Is overstuffed pastel furniture making a comeback? Is tiramisu back on the menu?

Here’s what we found when we checked in on what’s popular in 2017:

  1. According to Bill Addison of Eater, “pasta is here for us like never before. … In selecting the 2016 Eater Awards, editors at seven out of our 23 city sites named a Restaurant of the Year that spotlights pasta.”
  2. The National Restaurant Association, in its article on the top food trends for the year, lists street food-inspired dishes, heirloom fruits and vegetables, and house-made charcuterie among the hot items.
  3. At Foodbeast, Constantine Spyrou writes that bowls are still popular, but are moving beyond acai and poke to include things like bibimbap, french fries and breakfast foods. Also, eggs are topping everything.
  4. For restaurant design, the Grand Rapids Chair Co. predicts the color green will be king — especially thanks to Pantone naming Greenery the color of the year.
  5. Cristina Villalón of Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón, an architect and design firm in Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico, says industrial and eco-friendly designs are hot right now.
  6. Tasting Table’s Cindy Augustine polled a group of designers and learned that more special occasion restaurants are sharing the same space as casual dining establishments, neon is hot, and live plants are showing up everywhere.

How does this translate to the Madison-area market? Kyle Nabilcy of Eater recently wrote a roundup of “The 12 Hottest New Restaurants in Madison.”

It was nice to see one of our clients featured! Have you visited any of them? Do they fall into any of the 2017 trends? Let us know in the comments below!


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