Ready to Find a New Office Space? 5 Important Things to Know Before Looking

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Choosing the right office space is a decision that should be taken very seriously. There are many ways your office space affects your business beyond the bottom line. The location, amenities, building style and layout will all play a big factor in how your business operates.

As brokers, there are a number of questions we ask our clients to help them clearly define what they need in a space. Having answers to these questions will increase both the efficiency and quality of your search.



1) Understand your current needs

What is your current square footage? Is this enough or too much? Use this helpful tool to determine how much space you need!

What amenities do you currently have? Which ones do you need and which ones aren’t very useful?

What is the layout of your current space? What ways does your layout increase or decrease efficiency?

What is your current rent? How does your current rent affect your bottom line?

What are the current parking and transportation needs of your employees and clients?


2) Understand your objectives

How fast is your business growing? This will influence your plans for square footage as well as your lease term.

Where do you see opportunities to create more efficiency in your use of space?

Where do you see your business in 5, 10 or 15 years from now?

How quickly do you need to locate a new space? See how long it takes to lease a commercial space


3) Location

Where do your employees live? How far do they commute? Does it help to be located closer to public transportation?

Where do your employees want to work? Would it be beneficial to be near restaurants and other social activities?

Do your clients visit your office? If so, is your location accessible or desirable to your clients?


4) Business Branding

If you’re a business that emphasizes your brand, then you’ll want a space that further enhances your image. What will your employees and clients think and feel in your space?


5)  Leverage the time and expertise of someone who has mastered the market

Your business is your business, and our business is taking care of your real estate needs. You don’t need to answer all of these questions alone. We provide complementary lease analyses to businesses like yours. You’ll find out if you’re paying too much, and how you can begin to save right now!


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