Unleash Your Inner Warrior

breakthrough-1As we wrap up 2016 and plan for 2017, I’ve always found the holidays a perfect time to reflect on the things we are grateful for. Our families, our friends, our volunteer efforts, and business successes all provide fuel for our souls throughout the year. A wise person once shared with me that the secret to happiness is to dwell on what you are grateful for. What are you most grateful for, right now? Dwell on those things and your heart will warm.

Of course, while this philosophy is critical to frame our minds into the right perspective in life, if we are to also be productive we need to be action takers in life as well. There are very “real” things that can hold us back in life and if we do not resolve them we can get stuck in the mud and just spin our wheels. I mention the “real” things in life in quotes because another wise lesson I have learned along the way is that real things aren’t often real at all.  As human beings, we are masters at making things up to protect ourselves from having to deal with difficult situations. We are quick to say it can’t be done, or they wouldn’t let me, or if only my circumstances were different, etc. We often point our arrows at those around us, or blame our environment for our current predicaments. Tony Robbins has stated, “FEAR is simply an acronym that means: False Evidence that Appears Real.” You have probably also heard the saying, “90% of the things we worry about never happen,” or something similar.

As complex as the human mind is, it is driven by two very simple principles. It is amazing that these two things control so much of who we are. The first thing that drives the human mind is a pursuit of happiness and the things in life that make us feel good. The second thing that drives the human mind is the avoidance of pain or things that make us feel bad. Our unconscious mind moves us toward and away from these two respective emotions all the time. This might sound like mumbo jumbo to you. I am not entirely sure. I do know that at various times in life I have turned to personal success experts like Tony Robbins and achieved amazing results.

If you have always wanted to make the changes in your life you know you need to make, but something has held you back, maybe now is the time to make that effort again. 2017 is destined to be your best year if you decide to make it so. Now is the time to make that decision.

I’m not sure what specific thing grabs me most in the video below. Rechaud has dealt with a lifetime of challenges due to his speech impediment. There are so many areas of strength I see in him BEFORE he meets Tony. He has a beautiful wife and child. He is in sales and is committed to providing security and happiness for those he loves. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live life with these challenges. Yet, Rechaud powers through it all because of his love of life and those he loves.

Rechaud’s story is one of heartbreak, perseverance, healing, and a massive reawakening within himself. He finds his inner warrior and unleashes it. YOU have an inner warrior. That younger version of you before you met with cynicism, loss, and pessimism wants you to find yourself again.Throw off your own shackles of doubt and DECIDE to find your inner warrior and unleash it.

Perhaps the best way to take care of yourself again is to believe in yourself again. I am sharing Rechaud’s story below because I found it powerful to witness his transformation. I have my own story with Tony Robbins as well. He in fact changed my life too.  If you want someone to guide you along the way as well, you can do so here. (I am not an affiliate of Tony, I am just sharing the link to the program I used.)

Here is the story of Rechaud. Enjoy!

Tony Robbins – 30 Years of Stuttering, cured in 7 minutes











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