Where are Madison’s Vibrant Centers?

Bakery SquareAccording to a research done by NAIOP, tenants are gravitating towards Suburban Vibrant Centers over the traditional single-use areas that have been developed for decades.


A Suburban Vibrant Center is an area that presents a good mix of “live, work, play”. Office tenants are finding these areas more attractive because of the push from their employees, who desire to be in an area where they don’t need to commute from one part of their life to another. One example in the report is Bakery Square in Pittsburgh, PA (photo on right)


The study define’s Vibrant Centers as “…compact, connected, walkable, relatively dense mixed-use/multi-use, primarily employment-oriented places often served by public transit. Central business districts (CBDs) with sufficient size, scale, density and land use mix can be a region’s strongest vibrant center. Employment-oriented town centers as well as suburban mixed-use redevelopments that have achieved critical mass also are vibrant centers.”


If you want to be part of Madison, WI’s Vibrant Centers we can help you get there.  Amazing development plans are in the planning stages and now is the time to get in on the ground floor.  These exciting locations will lease quickly and identifying them before they are built is key to your success.

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